We have fabrics of every color, pattern, and finish.

We have fabrics of every color, multitudes of patterns, and a wide array of finishes. Our fabrics can be mixed and matched to enhance your trade show display, corporate event space, wedding, party, or any other venue! Match your fabrics up with our Plexiglas, graphic walls, and other assets so you and your brand look amazing!

When it comes to fabric, we carry an array of colors, patterns, and textures for your special event.

Striped Fabric

Fabrics with patterns, stripes, and various textures.

Vinyl Fabrics

vinyl fabrics

We also offer a vast selection of vinyl fabrics... perfect for upholstery, walls, or wherever your imagination takes you!

The images above only represent some of the fabrics we have available. To discuss the fabrics in our selection, please contact us! We can utilize your fabric choices along with other textiles, print media, and lighting to make sure your brand, event, party or wedding pops with the perfect color scheme!

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