CCI Events is an event planning and event management company that handles every detail for corporate events, trade shows, weddings, retreats, and numerous other occasions in which a professional is required. We take care of your brand's presence from the ground up, utilizing custom carpet, carpentry, custom foam work, large format printing, and numerous other assets to ensure that your event looks and feels exactly as it should. No location is too remote, and no project is too big! When it comes to event planning, CCI Events has no equal. Our team of professionals work onsite and ensures your branding, signage, and look is perfect. Look through our services for galleries of the work we've done for past clients, and don't hesitate to contact us for more information! We love designing and building custom displays and spaces for our clients, and we'd love to have you on board!

Outdoor corporate event space.
Graphic walls, large format printing.
Graphic walls, custom construction.
No matter the theme of your special event, we go beyond the call of duty.
A great example of graphic walls and 2D signage.
From autocad to reality!
For your special event, we create complete environments in your event space.
Faux stone, signage, and interior design.
Custom interiors, designed in CAD and brought to reality.
Custom built structures for indoor and outdoor events.
Custom construction integrated with large format printing.
Foam work and astroturf.
Large format printing, custom foam stonework
Pure comfort on a sunny day


From traditional printing to border-busting stand alone 3D signage, there's absolutely no limit to how you can get your message or logo out.

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Foam Design

From interior and exterior accents to completely revamped spaces, whether the occasion calls for formal or stunningly surreal, we've got you taken care of.

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Carpentry Service

Our team of carpenters bring our designs to life. They don't rest until the job is perfect. Our carpenters are artists, treating various materials like lumps of clay to be formed into masterpieces.

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Imagination isn't a Limitation

We turn imagination into an immersive reality that you and your friends or clients can actually roam in.

From scratching down ideas, designing proof of concepts in CAD, to turning those ideas into reality, we make sure that special events are etched into the memory of all who attend for a lifetime.

We take a holistic approach to each project, while still obsessing over every minute detail. We bring the infrastructure we need to every remote location we work at to ensure the highest level of quality when setting up special events as well as taking them down.

Want the greatest wedding ever?
Wish you could really stand out at the next trade show?
Have a corporate event that needs a magic touch?

CCI Events doesn't rest until it's over. We invite you to browse our archive of work, and then contact us with the event you want to plan. We'll make sure every detail is perfect, from wall size photographs to the cobblestone on your temporary fireplace.

Let us show you how good we are. Our event planning and management leaves no detail left behind.