About Us

Our Approach

CCI Events is fueled by creativity in everything we do, from branding to intricate and elaborate scenery, from PGA golf events to beautiful weddings. When it comes to capability and quality, we simply have no peers. We’re the company that people graduate to when they realize their trade show booth just isn’t doing the job. We bring our own infrastructure to every remote location we work in, giving our talented crew the ability to stay on site, leaving no detail unaccounted for. We’re more than just event planning and management, we literally design your event space from the ground up and keep you in the loop the entire time.

We start off in a virtual environment, using CAD software to make sure everything’s in its place. We render interior and exterior designs with all included graphics and objects, from large format prints on the walls to furniture.

Once the design is approved, we load up our material and master construction crew and get to the site. Like a lump of clay being molded into a brilliant sculpture, our designs begin to take shape immediately due to our prefabrication, planning, and people.

When we complete each project, it’s a moment of imagination becoming reality. Our final product tends to go beyond the vision of our clients. To put it simply… we blow our clients minds throughout the process.

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